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Marketing your Home

Utah’s Top Real Estate Brokerage with a Guarantee Backed by Our Own Money.

Did you know there are multiple MLS’s in Utah? What good is having an amazing home for sale if no one sees it? Simply listing it on the MLS or with a brokerage isn’t enough. Kings Peak Realty has multiple MLS memberships. Our listings are ALWAYS on the Wasatch Front MLS and Park City MLS but even that isn’t enough. When you use Kings Peak Realty your home is MARKETED to the WORLD. Kings Peak Realty is the #1 Brokerage for marketing your utah home. This isn’t just something we say, it’s something we guarantee! We are the only brokerage which not only says we’re the best but GUARANTEES it!

When you list with Kings Peak Realty, not only will you have the best video and photos to showcase your home but we guarantee you’ll have 10,000 views by Sunday night of the first week you list. We will prove you have the best marketing campaign. If we can’t get you 10,000 views by Sunday night we’ll pay you $10,000 out of our commission at closing. Don’t get your hopes up though, we’re here to sell your home and we’re good at it! We have ALWAYS hit 10,000 or more views. Hot market or not, we have always hit our goals. After all, what good is the best video if it’s never seen? We’re here to guarantee that not only will it be seen, but the more views you have the more buyers there are and the greater the value becomes. We sell homes faster and for more money because we not only list but MARKET your home. At Kings Peak Realty you’ll get professional marketing of your home and 10,000 views with our $10,000 GUARANTEE all included for FREE!



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