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Weber County

Located 55 minutes north of Salt Lake City is Weber County. Many restaurants and shopping are found in it’s largest city, Ogden. Further north you’ll find some of the greatest fruit stands and orchards in the state. The Ogden river and Weber river run through here and provide kayaking and fishing. Willard bay to the north provides water skiing, fishing and an obstacle course in the water. The shoreline trail, named after the Great Lake bonneville that once covered the area, provides you with trails skirting the mountains. Many of the canyons provide hiking trails, waterfalls and even fresh springs. You can also find ancient mining remains in the sides of the mountains. Pineview reservoir is a mountainous reservoir just up the canyon. You’ll also find 3 ski resorts within a short distance. Many films have been shot here including Yellowstone, Con Air, The Sandlot, Dumb and Dumber, Fletch and many more. It’s said the Paramount Pictures Logo was created by one of the founders of Paramount, William Hodkinson from a sketch he did of Ben Lomand peak. Come explore all that Weber County has to offer. You may just decide to stay! When you want to be the first to know of all Weber County listings, Kings Peak Realty is your number one choice.

Weber County



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